Install Simscan

Simscan is a C program that allows the administrator to do virus, spam, and attachment scanning at the SMTP level. It is still very much under development, and often the best features are only available via CVS.
rootshell> useradd -u 320 -c "SimScan Daemon" simscan
shell> cvs -d checkout simscan
shell> cd simscan
shell> ./configure --enable-spam --enable-clamav --enable-per-domain --enable-spam-hits=100 --enable-spamc-user --enable-received --disable-ripmime --enable-spamc-args='-U /tmp/spamd.sock'
The configuration options above are defined as follows :
Turn on spam scanning
Turn on clamav scanning
Turn on per domain based checking
Reject spam above this hit level
Set user option to spamc
Add a Received: line to the message, showing the scanners run and some stats
Disable ripmime program
Override the default spamc arguments
Some quick notes. Setting the spam-hits option is not strictly necessary since we are enabling per-domain settings. However, this will allow for an upper default limit for all domains. The spamc arguments I specify above use a local socket connection rather than a tcp connection.
shell> make
rootshell> make install
Simscan installation is now complete. There is still a bit of configuration to be done. See the below configuration section for more information.

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