Whitelisting and Blacklisting IPs

You can whitelist a specific or range of IPs by using the RBLSMTPD environment variable. The most common way of doing this is by creating a rule for inclusion in the tcprules file, most commonly tcp.smtp. Add a line containing the IP address, an allow, and RBLSMTPD as the environment variable. For example :,RBLSMTPD=""

When a connection attempt is made by, rblsmtpd will skip the RBL check and immediately allow the connection. Conversely, you can also blacklist an IP using a similar technique, but by specifying an error response as the RBLSMTPD variable. For example :,allow,RBLSMTPD="-rblsmtpd deny: take your spam elsewhere!"

This will cause any connections from to be immediately dropped with a message of "rblsmtpd deny: take your spam elsewhere!"

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