This software was written to work with the greylisting database as defined in Bill Shupp's toaster. As such, it may not work with any other greylisting setup. Any new versions moving forward will involve a new greylisting daemon used in conjunction with the new toaster.

v0.4 May 1, 2004 Jason Frisvold

  • Bugfix - complete whitelist did not set the create time. This is fixed now.

v0.3 May 1, 2004 Jason Frisvold

  • Added a new variable to cap the number of whitelist entries a user can have
  • Added a complete whitelisting option
  • Fixed a coding error that limited the number of whitelist entries on the screen to 10

v0.2 Apr 30, 2004 Jason Frisvold

  • Added better explanations for the relay_ip, mail_from, and expire fields

v0.1 Apr 30, 2004 Jason Frisvold

  • Initial writing of this plugin
  • Allowed for adding, removing, and updating entries
  • Data validation routines added

Use these at your own risk, I will not be responsible for anything that may happen to your system because of these packages. As with any pre-packaged software, I suggest you look through the source and understand what is going on before you blindly install it.

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