This pages serves as a starting point for community editing of this site. Most sections of the site are open to public editing. There are a few guidelines and rules that you need to follow if you want to contribute. These guidelines will likely be added to as time goes on, so please check back regularly.

  • Be respectful of others
    • This is a community site. Not everyone will have the same opinion as you. Differing opinions are not a bad thing, however, so please feel free to post them. However, make sure you do so in a respectful manner and avoid confrontation.
  • Spam is not welcome here
    • This is non negotiable. Spam is not welcome, go post it somewhere else.
    • Due to automated spam-bots, captchas have been enabled.
  • Organization is important
    • This site is intended as a reference for everyone. The information contained here needs to be organized and easily accessible.

This site is built using the excellent PmWiki open source project. At it's heart it's a wiki and uses standard wiki markup for editing. If you are not familiar with editing a wiki, then please check out the following pages :

You can practice editing in the Wiki Sandbox

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